10 Cheapest Places to Buy Land in the U.S.

Alana Grace

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Are you looking for a place to buy land in the U.S. without breaking the bank? Whether you want to build your dream home, start a farm, or just enjoy nature, there are many options for you to choose from. Here are 10 of the cheapest places to buy land in the U.S., along with their prices and features.

1. Klamath County, Oregon

Price: $4,347 per acre

Features: Klamath County is located in south-central Oregon and has a diverse terrain that includes lakes, rivers, mountains, and volcanoes. You can buy 2.3 acres of land for $9,999. Klamath County has a moderate climate and a rich history. You can enjoy activities such as fishing, kayaking, and birdwatching in this area.

2. Pahrump, Nevada

Price: $4,385 per acre

Features: Pahrump is located about an hour from Las Vegas and offers a rural lifestyle with access to urban amenities. You can buy 1.14 acres of land for $5,000. Pahrump has a mild climate and a low cost of living. You can enjoy activities such as golfing, fishing, and gambling in this town.

3. Okeechobee County, Florida

Price: $7,200 per acre

Features: Okeechobee County is located in central Florida and is known for its fishing and boating opportunities on Lake Okeechobee. You can buy 1.25 acres of land for $9,000. Okeechobee County has a subtropical climate and a friendly community. You can also visit nearby attractions such as Disney World and Universal Studios.

4. Costilla County, Colorado

Price: $1,500 per acre

Features: Costilla County is located in southern Colorado and has stunning views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and the San Luis Valley. You can buy 5 acres of land for $7,500. Costilla County has a dry climate and a low population density. You can enjoy activities such as hiking, skiing, and hunting in this area.

5. Wayne County, Tennessee

Price: $1,980 per acre

Features: Wayne County is located in southwestern Tennessee and has a rural charm with rolling hills and forests. You can buy 5 acres of land for $9,900. Wayne County has a temperate climate and a low cost of living. You can also explore the nearby Tennessee River and Natchez Trace Parkway.

6. Valencia County, New Mexico

Price: $1,700 per acre

Features: Valencia County is situated about an hour from Albuquerque, the largest city in New Mexico. It has a diverse landscape that includes mountains, rivers, and plains. It also has a rich cultural heritage that reflects its Native American, Hispanic, and Anglo influences. You can buy 5.2 acres of land in Valencia County for $8,850. Some of these parcels are part of upcoming housing developments, so you can expect to see more growth and development in the future.

7. Christmas Valley, Oregon

Price: $1,000 per acre

Features: Christmas Valley is a small town in central Oregon, about three hours from Bend. It is named after a nearby lake that was discovered on Christmas Day in 1826. You can buy 10 acres of land in Christmas Valley for $10,000. Christmas Valley has a high desert climate and a peaceful atmosphere. You can also visit the nearby sand dunes, lava beds, and fossil lake.

8. Kanosh, Utah

Price: $980 per acre

Features: Kanosh is a small town in central Utah, about two hours south of Salt Lake City. It is surrounded by mountains and forests, and it is home to a variety of wildlife, such as elk, deer, and birds. You can buy five acres of land in Kanosh for $4,900. This land is ideal for hunters or nature lovers who want to have their own private retreat. However, you should be prepared to live in a remote area with limited services.

9. Mohave County, Arizona

Price: $700 per acre

Features: Mohave County is located in the northwestern part of Arizona, close to the Grand Canyon and the historic Route 66. It is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, who enjoy hiking, camping, and riding ATVs across the desert. You can buy five acres of land in Topock, Arizona, for $3,500. This land is zoned for residential or agriculture use, but you will need to install your own utilities and septic system.

10. Hot Springs, Arkansas

Price: $750 per acre

Features: Hot Springs is a city in the Ouachita Mountains, near Hot Springs National Park. It is famous for its natural hot springs and historic buildings. You can buy an acre of land in a residential community in Hot Springs for only $750. This is a great deal for anyone who wants to live in a scenic and relaxing place with plenty of amenities nearby.


Buying land can be a great investment or a fulfilling personal project. However, you don’t have to spend a fortune to do so. There are many places in the U.S. where you can buy land for a very low price. You just need to do some research and find the best location that suits your needs and preferences. Happy hunting!

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