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man programming using laptop

7 Free and Fast DNS Servers that You Should Try

Alana Grace

DNS stands for Domain Name System, and it is a service that translates domain names (such as into IP ...

silver macbook on brown wooden table

How to reset your HP laptop to its original state

Alana Grace

Sometimes, your HP laptop may become slow, unresponsive, or infected with malware. In such cases, you may want to reset ...

3 Easy Methods to Block Websites on Your Computer

Alana Grace

Sometimes, you may want to block certain websites on your computer for various reasons. For example, you may want to ...

person wearing silver aluminium case Apple Watch with white Sports Band

How to Reset Apple Watch to Factory Settings

Alana Grace

If you want to sell, give away, or repair your Apple Watch, you may need to reset it to factory ...

Close-Up Photo of a Woman Using Her Iphone

iPhone Voicemail Not Working? Here’s How to Fix It

Alana Grace

Voicemail is a handy feature that allows you to receive and listen to messages from callers when you are unavailable ...

Google Search Engine on Screen

How to turn off SafeSearch on Google

Alana Grace

SafeSearch is a feature that filters out explicit content from Google’s search results. It is enabled by default for all ...

red and white square illustration

How to download music from YouTube

Alana Grace

YouTube is a great source of music, but sometimes you might want to listen to your favorite songs offline or ...

Black Google Smartphone on Box

How to set Chrome flags

Alana Grace

Chrome flags are experimental features that you can enable or disable in your Chrome browser. They can help you customize ...

6 Simple Steps to Connect Two Monitors to a Laptop

Alana Grace

Connecting two monitors to a laptop can enhance your productivity and multitasking, as well as your gaming and entertainment experience. ...

Youtube in smartphone

How to download YouTube videos on your device

Alana Grace

YouTube is one of the most popular and diverse platforms for watching and sharing videos online. You can find videos ...

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