Can You Withdraw Money with Google Pay? (Google Wallet)

Alana Grace

black samsung android smartphone displaying icons
Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

Once Google Pay is set up, you can use your smartphone to make payments at numerous cash registers. But what if you need some cash for your wallet? How can you withdraw money with Google Pay?

In Google’s payment service, you can link a credit card, and payments will be processed through it. However, withdrawing cash is not as straightforward.

Google Pay: How to withdraw money

Theoretically, it is possible to withdraw cash with a smartphone that has Google Pay set up. However, this requires a compatible NFC-enabled ATM that can communicate with the smartphone. You can recognize whether an ATM supports this technology by looking for the NFC symbol on the device. Currently, such ATMs are not widely available in Germany. Therefore, the probability of being able to withdraw cash from an ATM using your “Google Wallet” is low, although many savings banks already offer this service.

Can You Withdraw Money at the Supermarket with Google Pay?

More and more supermarkets are offering the option to withdraw cash directly at the checkout, such as Edeka, dm, or Rossmann. However, this is often associated with a minimum purchase amount. Usually, this cash withdrawal option is limited to debit cards. If you have a credit card linked to your Google Pay account, you cannot withdraw cash at the supermarket. Therefore, before attempting to get cash at the supermarket using your Google Pay account, make sure to check with the staff if this is even possible.

If you don’t have a debit card with you and only have your smartphone, your bank may offer a service where you can receive cash through an app.

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