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If you’re looking to pass the time and meet new people, you can call Basechat. It is a chat service where you can connect with strangers over the phone instead of through text. The good news is that Basechat can be called for free. The current number for Basechat is 040-689 49 39 649. The numbers change frequently, and there are costs for calls made within the German landline network. However, if you have a telephone flat rate for landline numbers, you can enjoy the Basechat service for free.

## Basechat: Free Phone Chat – here are the numbers

Basechat can be used without a paid subscription. In the free version, you will hear advertisements. If you want access to some special features and an ad-free experience, you can book a VIP access. The cost for a VIP access is €9.99 (for 24 hours), €39.99 (for 1 month), or €99.99 (for 3 months). With a VIP access, not only can you get rid of the ads on Basechat, but you can also find contacts faster and specifically choose whether your chat partner should be male or female. In addition to the German number 040-689 49 39 649, there are several Basechat numbers available for chatting in different languages:

– Arabic: 0221-97 79 38 69 44
– Turkish: 030-965 39 56 33 13
– French: 0211-38 53 30 91
– English: 0221-97 79 39 79 64

If you don’t have a flat rate for landline calls, the normal tariff for a domestic call to a landline number will apply to these numbers as well.

## How Basechat works

When you call Basechat, you will first hear an automated message asking for your gender. After that, you can use the phone’s keypad to choose one of the three chat modes:

– Press **1**: Carousel mode, where you will be connected with a random Basechat user. Pressing the “0” key allows you to switch to a different conversation partner.
– Press **2**: Party room mode, where you can chat with up to 4 randomly selected Basechat users.
– Press **3**: Conference mode, which is a private chat room that can be secured with a PIN.

To return to the main menu, simply press the ” ***** ” key on your phone’s keypad. The Basechat app offers additional features for chatting (available for download on Android and iOS). With the app, you can also make video calls, rate other users, and choose callers based on gender. Some features may require the use of paid coins.

Now you have all the information you need to enjoy Basechat and connect with new people over the phone.

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