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Apps / Software AirDroid Alternative: These Apps Are Available

With the AirDroid app, you can easily transfer data from an Android smartphone to a Windows computer or Mac. But AirDroid is not the only software that can do this.

These AirDroid alternatives are available


AirMore is probably the tool that most closely matches AirDroid’s features. With the app, you can exchange all your files between your phone and computer. The data transfer is done through the browser, so you don’t even need to connect your phone with a cable. It supports Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Additionally, you can read and send messages like SMS through your computer. A nice bonus is that you can directly stream images, music, and videos to your PC. This way, you don’t have to transfer the data first, but you can access it directly. AirMore is a free app.

AirMore has a similar range of features as the original AirDroid.

KDE Connect

With KDE Connect, you can transfer files from your smartphone to your computer and vice versa. To do this, install the KDE Connect app on your smartphone and the KDE Connect software on your desktop computer. This allows for wireless transfer. But KDE Connect not only allows for file transfer, you can also use your smartphone for control purposes: your phone can be used as a remote control for Linux-based media servers or even as a touchpad controller for your computer. Push notifications from your phone can also be displayed on another device. KDE Connect and the corresponding desktop version are both available free of charge.

With KDE Connect, you can conveniently transfer data between your smartphone and computer.


The free mobile management software MyPhoneExplorer is installed on both the smartphone and PC. You can then choose whether you want to perform your data transfer by cable or wirelessly via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This allows you to easily move data between devices. But the tool can do even more: for example, you can directly synchronize appointments, contacts, and notes between services like Outlook, Thunderbird, Lotus Notes, and Windows native tools. You can also access and send SMS messages directly from your PC. Similarly, you can make calls without having to use your smartphone directly. Once the connection is established, you can also use your PC input devices on your smartphone: navigate with the mouse or directly compose SMS messages using the keyboard.

MyPhoneExplorer gives you absolute control over all your mobile data.


While other apps specialize more in data transfer, Pushbullet stands out with its ability to transfer messages and notifications. However, you can also send files or links back and forth between your devices. You can also have your SMS messages sent directly to your computer with the app. Messenger messages can also be accessed and even sent from your PC. Compatible messengers include WhatsApp, Kik, Facebook Messenger, and others. These messages can then be typed directly from your computer’s keyboard. You can also display all your push notifications from your phone so you don’t miss any important messages. And the best part: the app is free!

With Pushbullet, you won’t miss any notifications!

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