Apps / Software The Forest: Activating Cheats

Elizabeth Harper

In The Forest, after a plane crash, you must build a base and be wary of cannibals, mutants, and other enemies. Additionally, you need to ensure that you have enough resources available, which can sometimes be quite challenging. However, if you prefer a less demanding gaming experience, you can activate cheats in The Forest. Simply enter a code that alters certain parts of the game. These cheats work in both the single-player and multiplayer modes.

**Note:** The cheats only function on PC. While you could theoretically connect a USB keyboard to a PlayStation 4, the input won’t work there.

### Cheats without Developer Console

For most cheats, you must follow an additional step by opening the so-called developer console. However, there are a few commands that you can simply enter without this step. Open the main menu and then enter one of the following commands. The input won’t be displayed, but if you enter it correctly, the desired effect will occur once you enter a game world.

### Opening the Developer Console

To open the developer console for cheat input, you need to enter a specific command in the main menu. Open the main menu, making sure that the “The Forest” logo is visible and you have the option to choose between single-player and multiplayer modes. Now simply enter “developermodeon”. You won’t see the entered letters, but if everything worked correctly, a command line should appear at the top. You can then enter the cheat codes from the following section in this console. In the main menu, you can see that the developer console has been activated through the input bar at the top. ×

**Tip:** You can close the developer console by using “developermodeoff”. Additionally, if you restart the game, all cheats will be deactivated again.

### Cheat Code Overview

Below, we have compiled an alphabetical list of all cheat codes for the developer console and their corresponding effects. If a cheat code ends with “on/off”, you can toggle the corresponding mode on or off. Simply enter either of the two attributes, for example, “on” to activate it.

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