Apps/Software How to create a Supercell ID – Here’s how

Elizabeth Harper

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With the help of a Supercell ID, you can secure your game progress in certain mobile games such as Clash Royale, Clash of Clans, and Hay Day, and transfer it to another device or play with friends. To take advantage of these benefits, a valid email address must be linked to your Supercell account.

### Creating a Supercell ID in the game

Currently, the only way to create a Supercell account is directly through the respective game. There is no website for registration. Follow our step-by-step guide or check out the quick guide. **Tip:** With a Supercell ID, you can create a backup of your game. You don’t need to set a password, as you will always receive a new access code via email. If you play other Supercell games, you can sign in with the same Supercell ID to connect them.

### Quick Guide

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