Android Auto: Alternative Navigation Apps to Google Maps and Waze

Elizabeth Harper

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Android Auto is now open, but finding the available navigation apps can be a challenge.

Finally, Android Auto has opened up to allow other apps to compete with Google Maps and Waze for navigation. However, Google still does not provide an overview in the Google Play Store of the additional navigation apps that are available for Android Auto, even months later. Therefore, we have created a small overview to show the current status quo. It turns out that several apps from other providers have already been added.

This move by Google has also opened the door for apps that make more sense, especially for electric vehicle drivers. There are several services focused on charging stations, similar to the familiar gas station apps we have been using for a while. Some partners have already launched their services in the spring and are now accessible via Android Auto. Here are the apps that are currently available:

– 2GIS
– Flitsmeister
– Sygic
– T Map (Korean)
– Chargepoint
– Chargemap
– PlugShare
– Map Factor
– TomTom AmiGO
– TomTom GO Navigation
– A Better Route Planner
– Gaia
– Spot Hero (not available in Germany)
– Yandex Maps

Undoubtedly, more apps from other providers will be added over time. Many users would probably appreciate the addition of Here WeGo. We would also not object if Google listed these apps somewhere in the Play Store, maybe even in the “all apps for Android Auto” list. Unfortunately, the new navigation apps are not currently available in the smartphone app of Android Auto. Therefore, you can only access third-party apps when your smartphone is connected to a vehicle and you are using Android Auto through the infotainment system. It’s a little unfortunate, but there is a reason for this.

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