Aldi Talk becomes more expensive – but also offers (a lot) more

Elizabeth Harper

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Starting from July 11, Aldi Talk introduces an important innovation: 5G. This makes the prepaid discount provider the first of its kind in Germany to offer not only GSM and LTE but also 5G.

The changes also include new combination packages, which, however, cost more than their predecessors. Aldi Talk has expanded the packages with more data volume, but in return, the basic fees have also increased. The entry-level package “Kombi-Paket S” now costs 8.99 euros for four weeks, but in addition to the all-net flat, it includes 6 GB of high-speed data volume. The original price was 7.99 euros with 4 GB of undiminished data volume. The middle-class package “Kombi-Paket M” now costs 14.99 euros for four weeks and includes 12 GB of high-speed surfing volume in addition to the all-net flat rate. Previously, it cost 12.99 euros, and the mobile internet was limited to 8 GB. The top package “Kombi-Paket L” has been raised from 17.99 euros to 19.99 euros, but in addition to 5G access, it also offers 20 GB of undiminished data volume and a doubling of the maximum surfing speed to 50 Mbit/s.

I think it’s impressive that Aldi Talk is the first prepaid discount provider in Germany to offer 5G (Congstar also does that, but only with a contract). However, the switch to the new tariff models is voluntary, and existing customers can still use the previous cheaper tariff without 5G access.

Despite the higher prices, this initiative is an important step towards the future of mobile internet in Germany – or what do you think?

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