AirDroid Web – What’s Behind It

Elizabeth Harper

There are many methods to synchronize files between your Android device and a PC system. But it’s particularly easy with the AirDroid application. So why is this app so useful? In the following, we will explain everything you need to know about AirDroid.

AirDroid’s Features

AirDroid primarily advertises easy file transfer between your Android smartphone and your PC – essentially the equivalent of Apple’s AirDrop. But that’s not all the application can do. It also offers numerous useful features that make using your smartphone on your computer easier:

1. Managing notifications and SMS: With AirDroid, you can receive and manage messages from your smartphone directly on your computer. You can also connect a headset and make a call from your computer without even touching your smartphone. This is really convenient, especially if you don’t want to constantly take your phone out of your pocket while at the office.

2. Screen mirroring: With AirDroid, you can wirelessly mirror your Android devices to your PC and share your screen. This allows you to transfer photos or streams to a larger monitor.

3. Clipboard integration: AirDroid has a toolbox in the clipboard where you can write notes that are then copied to your smartphone’s clipboard. This makes sharing links between your PC and smartphone easy.

4. Remote control and monitoring: With AirDroid, you can control your smartphone from your PC and remotely access it.

Getting Started with AirDroid

Setting up AirDroid is simple and doesn’t require much time. Follow our step-by-step guide or check out the quick guide.

Transferring and Managing Files with AirDroid

Follow our step-by-step guide or check out the quick guide.

Disconnecting the Connection between Your Device and Your PC

When you’re done using AirDroid, you can easily disconnect the connection between your Android device and your PC. Simply click on the power symbol in the top right corner of the browser application. This will log you out and disconnect the connection between your smartphone and computer. With just one click, you can log out of the AirDroid application and disconnect the connection to your smartphone.

Alternatively, you can also disconnect the connection between your device and your PC by tapping on the “Sign out of AirDroid Web” button in the app. You can find this option by tapping on “AirDroid Web” on the app’s homepage. There is also an option on the smartphone to disconnect the connection with your PC.

Quick Guide: Setting up AirDroid

Quick Guide: Transferring and Managing Files.

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