Accessories & Tuning for E-Scooters: Turn Signals, Smart Locks, GPS Trackers & More

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E-scooters have been gaining popularity since their approval in 2020. During this time, we have tested over 35 electric scooters, and we have collected all individual tests and many guides on our e-scooter topic page.

But no matter how much you love your e-scooter, it can be even better with the right accessories. Some cool gadgets can extend its functionality or enhance safety, both on the road and against theft.

Electric Air Pumps

Most e-scooters nowadays have air-filled tires, which is a good thing. Air-filled tires absorb bumps much better than solid rubber tires. However, they have one disadvantage: they are not puncture-proof and may gradually lose air over time.

To inflate them again, you can use a regular hand pump. However, there are also electric models that have the advantage of not requiring physical effort and are often smaller than traditional hand pumps, making them easier to transport.

Turn Signals

Indicating a turn while riding an e-scooter can be a real challenge. Taking your hand off the narrow handlebar at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour is not only unstable but also potentially dangerous. Some e-scooters, such as the Soflow S04 Gen 2, the Epowerfun EPF-2 XT 600, and the Offroad-E-Roller Eleglide D1 Master, already come with built-in turn signals. For all other e-scooters, there are retrofit solutions available.

But be careful! If you don’t want to lose the road approval of your e-scooter, you should look for retrofit solutions with an E-mark. This mark certifies that the gadget has been tested and approved by a relevant authority such as the TÜV for road safety. We have taken a look at the Winglights Pop turn signals, which do not have the E-mark.

Even though they are not officially allowed, they are still practical. You simply attach them to the ends of the handlebars. For many e-scooters, this requires drilling a hole into the soft plastic of the handlebar grips. Once attached, you activate the turn signal by pressing on the ends. To deactivate it, you either press again or wait for about half a minute. Practical, but not officially permitted.

Smart Helmets

Smart helmets are completely legal since they are not mounted on the e-scooter itself. Blinking backpacks are also legal. The Fischer backpack with a blinking function is a good option, and it comes with a wireless remote control for attaching to the handlebars. It is also quite affordable at 35 euros.

Power Stations

Power stations are portable outlets that can recharge e-scooters even without access to a stationary power grid, thanks to their large batteries. Some smaller models, such as the Flashfish P66, are suitable for carrying in a backpack, although they can be quite heavy at around 3 kilograms. Their battery capacity is sufficient to recharge a small e-scooter battery once. However, large power stations can also be useful as accessories for e-scooters, especially if they are used as transportation for the last mile in camping scenarios. The power station can then remain in the camper.

Power stations are also interesting due to their significant price drops. Their prices have halved in some cases over the past twelve months.

Thieves love e-scooters! Even with the motor brake engaged, these small electric scooters can be quickly folded and carried away. To prevent this, e-scooters should be securely attached to a fixed object such as a traffic sign or tree in public spaces. A few e-scooters, such as the excellent Egret Ten V4, have eyelets for regular bicycle locks. For all other e-scooters, disc brake locks, handcuff locks, and cable locks that fit through the narrow spokes of the wheels can be helpful.

Disc brake locks are commonly used for motorcycles. They grip onto one of the holes in the disc brake and immobilize the wheel. A steel cable is then used to secure the e-scooter. However, these cables are quite thin and do not offer much resistance against bolt cutters.

Handcuff locks have either one or two cuffs and a long steel wire. In the case of locks with two cuffs, one cuff encloses the rear wheel of the e-scooter or its handlebar, while the other one secures it to the fixed object. In locks with only one cuff, the steel wire forms a circle, passing through the spokes and around the fixed object, and then getting locked in the cuff.

We particularly find small cable locks to be convenient. We have taken a closer look at the Safeman Multifunctional Cable 75 cm, kindly provided by When rolled up, it is about the size of a palm and fits in most pockets. To use it, you pull out the steel cable, which is thin enough to fit through most e-scooter spokes. To lock it, you insert the end of the cable into a loop on the reel and lock it with a key. It’s simple yet clever. We especially like its tiny form factor. However, it should not be expected to provide high security as a professional thief can likely crack it quickly.

Smart bike locks with features such as alarms, Bluetooth connectivity, and mobile apps increase convenience and protect against theft. In our comparison test of four smart bike locks, we take a closer look at what they can do.

Users of smart bike locks can forget about fumbling for keys – Bluetooth and app integration replace the physical key. Some models even deter thieves with a built-in alarm that goes off when the lock is tampered with. Other locks incorporate fingerprint sensors, similar to smartphones.

GPS Trackers

For those who want to take security to the next level, attaching a tracker to the e-scooter is a good option. Apple Airtag works quite well for this purpose. The small Bluetooth trackers can be hidden in specially designed mounts.

GPS trackers also work with Android devices and typically communicate directly with the smartphone via the GSM network or send an SMS when the e-scooter leaves a pre-defined area. Before making a purchase, users should consider where they want to hide the tracker. We noticed during testing that for some e-scooters, the battery compartment can be easily unscrewed, providing ample space for a GPS tracker. However, it should be noted that GPS trackers require a significant amount of power and need to be regularly charged.


Wearing a helmet is not mandatory for bicycles or e-scooters. However, we strongly recommend wearing a good head protection. After all, the head is one of the most vulnerable areas when it comes to lethal injuries. Even very basic helmets start at just 10 euros plus shipping, and a simple helmet is better than none.

We find smart helmets particularly interesting. They not only integrate lights to improve visibility at night but also often include legal turn signals operated via a wireless remote control attached to the handlebars, speakers for listening to music or podcasts, or even a hands-free system.

Phone Holder

If you want to use your smartphone for navigation while riding through the city, you need a phone holder for an unobstructed view of the display. E-scooter riders can choose from a wide selection of smartphone holders designed for bicycles. The only requirement is that there is enough space on the handlebars.

There is an incredibly wide range of options. Besides the classic holders that simply secure the smartphone to the handlebars, there are also holders with additional pouches, built-in power banks, waterproof holders, and holders with integrated power banks and lights.


With a few exceptions, e-scooters do not have a luggage rack above the rear wheel. If the rider doesn’t want to carry their groceries in a backpack, bags are a good alternative. E-scooter riders can also take advantage of the offerings for bicycle handlebars, as what fits there will likely fit securely on an e-scooter as well.

In addition to bags for attachment to e-scooters, there are also bags for transporting the e-scooter itself. If, for example, the scooter needs to be placed in a clean trunk after a ride through mud and snow, it helps to pack it in a bag beforehand.

E-Scooter Tuning

Some e-scooter retailers, such as SIP Scootershop, offer tuning kits for e-scooters. The Xiaomi Mi Scooter Pro 2 and Xiaomi Mi 1S models are particularly popular. For these models, the shop provides handlebar extensions, brake calipers, locking mechanisms for the folding mechanism, new motors, rear suspension, and more. The shop also offers a footrest for the Segway Ninebot G30D II Max and a motor upgrade up to 40 kilometers per hour and a boost module for the IO Hawk Legend.

The underbody lighting, which can be connected to a USB-A port, comes with its own control unit and fits all standard e-scooter models. However, potential buyers should be aware that installing most of these tuning upgrades will result in the loss of road approval for the e-scooter.


The right accessories make the ride with an e-scooter safer and more convenient. Every rider should definitely wear a helmet. In addition to very affordable helmets, there are also smart bike helmets available with lights, turn signals, and telephony features. Backpacks with integrated turn signals are practical and legal.

E-scooter riders should invest in a suitable lock. After all, e-scooters are attractive targets for thieves. For some riders, investing in a GPS tracker may also be worthwhile. Similar to bicycles, a smartphone holder for the handlebars is a good accessory for navigation purposes. Small bags for carrying essentials are also very practical.

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