8 Internet Streaming Alternatives to Twitch

Alana Grace

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With its website and own app, Twitch is probably one of the most well-known streaming platforms, especially in the gaming sector. But it’s by no means the only one. Whether the focus is more on gaming and eSports, community and chatting, or the creative field, there’s something for everyone.

8 Twitch Alternatives

1. Kick

Kick, the streaming platform, launched in late 2022 as a direct competitor to Twitch. Streamers can earn money through advertising and subscriptions, just like on Twitch. As a viewer, you can support your favorite streamer, but they are not dependent on it. All in all, Kick is very similar to Twitch and aims to be a true competitor with less strict advertising rules. Some well-known streamers like xQc or Amouranth have already switched to Kick for high sums of money. On Kick, you can watch live streams or recorded videos.

2. Trovo

On Trovo, you can mainly watch livestreams from the gaming sector. As a user, you can access the streams for free and support your favorite streamers through subscriptions. Just like Twitch, Trovo offers three different subscription levels with varying costs. You can search for specific games or streamers to find the content you want. You can also discover popular streams or watch short videos.

3. YouTube/YouTube Gaming

With YouTube Gaming, Google has created a direct competitor to the original Twitch. While Twitch used to be mainly for gaming videos, almost all types of content can now be streamed there. “Gaming” is integrated into YouTube and is no longer a separate platform or app. If you use Twitch mainly for game live streams, YouTube Gaming is a good alternative. You can access the community easily in your browser on YouTube or through the Gaming category in the YouTube app. It’s free to use and you don’t even need a YouTube account to watch.

4. Nimo TV

Nimo TV is a Chinese livestreaming service, known as “Huya Live” in China. You can choose from a variety of livestreams or pre-recorded videos. There are various types of content, but gaming streams dominate here as well. The platform is free to use, whether you’re a viewer or a streamer. Nimo TV promotes the ability to easily record videos on your smartphone and upload them through the app.

5. Picarto (for Artists)

The provider Picarto is mainly aimed at artists. It focuses on streaming content related to “Arts & Crafts,” such as watching someone paint a picture or sew a cosplay outfit live. The channel can be personalized to match the artist’s style. Creative streamers can pursue their interests and talents here, both for artists and viewers. There are also paid account models for streamers. Starting at $7.49 per month, additional features can be unlocked, such as higher streaming resolution or custom emotes.

6. Streaming on Social Media

Many social networks now offer their own livestreaming options. These include Instagram or TikTok, which offer small live videos and reels. Facebook Gaming can also be an alternative to Twitch.

7. Open Source Platforms

On platforms like “Open Streaming Platform” or “Owncast,” you can host your own livestreams. This allows you to be completely independent from streaming services like Twitch. While these platforms offer their services for free, they appreciate donations. You can run your stream, for example, on your own website, which is essentially part of the streaming service. However, you may need some technical skills or additional software. As a streamer, you can play live streams or recorded videos and set up a live chat. There is no centralized overview of all hosted streams on Open Streaming Platform because they all run on individual websites. As a viewer, you should already know whose videos you want to watch.

8. DLive

DLive is a livestreaming platform based on blockchain technology. Using the platform is free, but it also offers additional categories such as news or music streams besides gaming. Videos are mainly shown live, but recorded content can also be played. Caution: DLive has very little moderation or content guidelines! Therefore, many individuals from the right-wing scene or conspiracy theorists use this platform! When watching, be very aware of the content of the streams.

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