5 TeamViewer Alternatives – These Tools Are Available

Alana Grace

Photo Source: TeamViewer

The software TeamViewer is a popular tool for remote computer control. This is particularly useful for teamwork over long distances. It also allows support to directly address technical issues on the computer that is not functioning properly. The underlying principle is a client software that connects both computers. TeamViewer is free for personal users. For commercial use, a license must be purchased. The software is available for macOS X, Linux, Windows, and as an app for iOS and Android.

1. Microsoft’s Remote Assistance

The free tool Remote Assistance is integrated directly into Windows 10 and replaces the Microsoft predecessor Remote Support from Windows 7/8. However, it has limited functionality compared to TeamViewer. For example, an additional program is required to transfer files. Users of the Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise version also have the option to set up Remote Desktop.

2. AnyDesk

The principle of AnyDesk is the same as TeamViewer. With this free software, you can either share your screen or let someone control it remotely. Remote assistance is simple and straightforward with the input of an ID and corresponding password. Similar to TeamViewer, files can be copied back and forth, the clipboard can be shared, and the computer’s audio can be transmitted. However, unlike its major competitor, it lacks presentation features and video conference modes. AnyDesk does not require installation. By starting the client, an address is generated that allows access to the computer. AnyDesk is available not only in the free version, exclusively for personal use, but also as a Lite, Professional, or Enterprise version. Depending on the package, the software offers various levels of functionality starting at 60 euros per year.

3. Chrome Remote Desktop

The free browser add-on Chrome Remote Desktop, unlike AnyDesk Free, needs to be installed in the browser. After installation, you will receive a code that allows your PC to be controlled remotely. Chrome Remote Desktop works on all devices that run Google Chrome. To do this, “Enable remote connections” must be selected in the app. With this feature, you can also access your home PC on the go. The advantage is that Chrome does not need to be running. However, if you have a technical problem on your computer that needs to be accessed by someone else, you must first download and install “Chrome Remote Desktop Host”. Only after installing it can other computers access your PC by entering a code.

4. Ammyy Admin

Ammyy Admin stands out for its easy operation and is especially suitable for large companies. With this free software, networks and servers can be easily controlled remotely. No login or firewall and router adjustments are necessary. To use the software, simply download an .exe file and start it. You will receive a unique ID that authorized users can use to remotely access your computer. The free software not only makes the connected computer’s desktop visible but also enables data transfer and offers a chat function for presentations or remote training, for example. However, a major drawback is that the software is not supported by Google Chrome or Firefox and therefore must be opened in Internet Explorer or Opera.

The free version of the software is only for non-commercial or trial use. Ammyy Admin is also available as a Starter, Premium, or Corporate version. In the paid versions, you can, for example, create session logs or disable advertisements.

5. LogMeIn Pro

The paid tool LogMeIn Pro primarily focuses on resource sharing. It offers up to 1 TB of storage space in the cloud to store all important files, projects, and applications in one central location. Another convenience is the ability to share data with an unlimited number of users. Remote connections to other computers are made through a browser application. The software is offered in packages at different prices. Depending on the package, the range of features varies, allowing access to up to 10 computers, for example. Access can also be done through the corresponding iOS or Android apps.

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