5 Reasons Why You Might Be Unable to Log in to Steam and How to Fix It

Elizabeth Harper

You receive an error message like “Unable to log in,” “Login not possible,” or “Login failed” on Steam? Don’t panic – the solution is usually quite simple. Here are the reasons why and how to fix them:

1. Incorrect login details entered

It is possible that you simply mistyped your login details. Typos and number mix-ups are not uncommon. Take a deep breath and try to log in again calmly. Have you recently changed your password and are attempting to log in with your old one? Another issue might lie in entering your account name. To log in to Steam, you must enter the original account name that was assigned to you. This might differ from your display name. If you can’t remember, you can try looking it up. If you are logged in on another device, your name will appear in the top right corner of the Steam window. Alternatively, you can check the Steam app or old emails, as your account name will always be mentioned there. If you find a screenshot from a Steam client or if you are logged in on another device, your account name will be displayed in these two places. ×

2. Restart can work wonders

The tried and true method of “turning it off and on again” works for Steam as well. Restart Steam first and then try logging in to your account again. If this still doesn’t work, restarting your computer might help.

3. Tips for Steam on the browser

If you don’t want to log in on the Steam client but on the website instead, you might encounter other errors. You can often resolve these by deleting browser cookies. If you use a password-saving extension, you should also reset the password for the Steam website. It’s possible that an old password was saved here.

4. No connection to the Steam server

In most cases, you can log in to Steam and use games in offline mode even without an internet connection. However, it can happen that the problem is not with your internet but with a Steam server error. If there is an issue with Steam itself, Steam cannot verify your login. In this case, you simply have to wait until the Steam servers are functioning correctly again.

5. Contacting Steam support and password reset

If you encounter problems with logging in, you can also reach out to Steam support. Click on “Help! I can’t log in” at the bottom of the Steam client login window to access the Steam support page. From there, you can select specifically where your problem lies. For example, you can request a password reset or get help with your two-factor authentication using Steam Guard.

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